Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

When: 2013

Contribution: Design, Protosite Coding

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Description: The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association is a local branch of the national non-profit Electric Auto Association. They are dedicated to providing resources and information about electric vehicles to both members and non-members. The site we designed and developed for the client was laid out in a way that would be welcoming to people who are not familiar with electric vehicles and had WordPress installed so the client could easily manage their content.

Team Members: Suzanne Gerber, Stephen Gavette, Emilio G

Artes TCG

When: 2013

Contribution: Design, Development, Coding, Maintenance

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

Description: Artes TCG is an online trading card game based on the Tales series of games, part of a larger network of games that encompass the community that enjoys online trading card games as a hobby. Most online TCG sites are not designed very well, be it convoluted information architecture or a lack of streamlined HTML/CSS (this is personal opinion). I thought it would be great to demonstrate to the community the sort of modern site that can be created using HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, the community's MyTCG and eTCG PHP apps, and select amounts of JavaScript and jQuery.

Disclaimer: All images used were provided by the client. No claim is made to any images or intellectual property used nor is any claim intended. No profit was, is, or will be made from this site. The Tales series is the property of Namco-Bandai Inc.

Mochi Productions

When: 2013

Contribution: Design, Coding

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Description: Mochi Productions is a short-film production group based in New York. They needed a site redesign.